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Наш профессионализм проявляется в высокой квалификации наших сотрудников, каждый из которых имеет соответствующий опыт работы в сфере, которую он ведет.
Высокого качества в нашей работе нам удается достичь благодаря обширному десятилетнему опыту подбора , пониманию нужд клиентов, а также взаимовыгодному продолжительному сотрудничеству со многими известными международными и российскими компаниями.

Если Вы не нашли вакансии, соответствующей Вашим интересам и квалификации, Вы можете прислать свое резюме через специальную форму-анкету, и при возникновении подходящей позиции наши консультанты немедленно с Вами свяжутся.

Категория "Финансы и аудит"

Код вакансии: 04.20613

Вакансия: Finance Analyst

Место работы: м. Ленинский проспект

Financial Controller - Planning, Analysis and Control.

General provisions

• Compliance with the policies and procedures of the Rep.office and Legal entity.

• Suppliers
• Clients of the company, assisted by finance department
• Employees of the company

Principle Accountabilities:

1. General: To be a true active business partner to the agreed business units with all the financial activities including: analysis of actual data, assessment of accruals to be made, management reports, budget and planning, projects.

1. Budgeting
1. To be a driver for the Annual Budget Process and quarterly business reviews -consolidating information from across the organization through APEX and subsequent submission to Hyperion Planning and SAP (including becoming a APEX and Hyperion super user).
2. Responsibility to coordinate business financial planning activities for the agreed business unit, contribute to the planning process and ensure that it is done on a timely basis with outstanding quality and precision

3. Budgeting for headcount related expenses for Russia and CIS.

2. Management reporting

1. Provide to the agreed business units & CIS the quality management reports with the subsequent monthly revision & sign off (follow up process), analysis of the actual spend versus the budget and prior year together with the business unit director and sign off the reports on the monthly basis.
2. In case of any queries on the data by the business unit director, further investigation of the numbers in SAP and corrections of the wrongly posted data in SAP if necessary (by means of the SAP manual journal in RU97 & RU96 companies).
3. Analysis of the spent and providing suggestions to derive cost efficiencies. Assess the quality and risk levels inherent to the financial numbers on a continual basis and actively work with the organization to secure adherence to plan or detect early warning signs of potential deviation

3. Actual Reporting

1. Analysis (together with assistants of the agreed business units) of the opened purchase orders and the necessity of its accruals and collecting the supporting documents for the accrual confirmation;
2. Preparation of bonus, vacation accruals, flexi benefits accruals for the month for Russia and CIS.
3. Quarter-end all accrual review with the supporting documents.
4. Preparation of the local management reporting for AZ UK (MR_AZ) for Russia
5. Headcount reconciliation with HR department, ownership of Headcount database and monthly reporting to EBS on the actual headcount for Russia and CIS for the further AFFIRM upload by EBS

4. Back-up function

Employee back-ups certain employee, in accordance with the signed back-up schedule till the moment this certain employee can fulfill his current job.

5. Other
1. Participation on the on-going projects of AstraZeneca
2. Employee performs other tasks set up by the line manager, his substitute, or other person appointed by the General Manager, within his area of responsibility.

• High degree in economics/finance
• Experience in the management accountant / financial analyst position from 2 years

Key skills:

• Team spirit and time management
• Accuracy
• Work independantly
• Responcibility
• Attention to details

Necessary knowledge:
• Knowledge of the International accounting standards,
• Good skils in WORD, ADVANCED EXCEL;
• Advanced English
• Knowledge of the corporate policies and practices

Key competences:

1. Attention to the interest of the company employees.
2. Independence – personal opinion on the matters.

3. Ability to work independently without supervision of the line manager. High orientation on the results.

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