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Наш профессионализм проявляется в высокой квалификации наших сотрудников, каждый из которых имеет соответствующий опыт работы в сфере, которую он ведет.
Высокого качества в нашей работе нам удается достичь благодаря обширному десятилетнему опыту подбора , пониманию нужд клиентов, а также взаимовыгодному продолжительному сотрудничеству со многими известными международными и российскими компаниями.

Если Вы не нашли вакансии, соответствующей Вашим интересам и квалификации, Вы можете прислать свое резюме через специальную форму-анкету, и при возникновении подходящей позиции наши консультанты немедленно с Вами свяжутся.

Категория "Юриспруденция"

Код вакансии: 06.055

Вакансия: Senior legal counsel (Head of legal)

Компания: International pharm company

Место работы: Moscow

 Four to five years of relevant experience as an in-house lawyer or as an lawyer in a law firm (in-house experience is preferable)
 Higher legal education
 Excellent knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures
 Strict tracing of legislation amendments and applying them in a timely manner
 Excellent written & oral presentation skills
 Ability to work independently and as part of a team
 Fluent spoken and written English
 Corporate/legal background
 Corporate, arbitration and dept experience

 Play a pivotal role ensuring the company is compliant with Russian Federation legislation, relevant Group Policies and procedures;
 Acts as a true partner and a trusted advisor to the General Manager on the relevant legal matters impacting the Company;
 Manage legal issues according to corporate legislation of Russian Federation: elaborating of Company’s Charter, local normative and executive acts, establishment and registration of any legal entities; merging, takeover and division of corporations;
 Monitor legislation and providing legal consulting to the management and business regarding administrative, monetary, antimonopoly, land, labor and civil law;
 Develop and implement procedures and instructions aiming to minimize legal risks;
 Draft and manage different types of bilingual legal documents/contracts in accordance with corporate requirements and legislation of Russian Federation;
 Ensure that contact approval process is affective and efficient;
 Review and analyze the results of Due Diligence;
 Participate in external relations and negotiations with state authority, notary’s offices and business partners;
 Represent and protect the company’s interests in courts, in government agencies and public entities, as well in relations with clients and suppliers;
 Play a pivotal role in evaluating business opportunities, bring specific legal expertise/acumen to the making of a deal;
 Develop a close working relationship with the Russian Leadership Team as well as Corporate team to ensure continuous communications/flow of information, timely feedback and flawless execution of the agreed upon actions;
 Lead a team of talented and dedicated staff; continue to recruit the best talent in the marketplace and, through rigorous training, development, foster an environment that would enable them to excel and support continued growth and increasing complexity of the company.

Заработная плата: от 200 до 200 рублей

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