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Наш профессионализм проявляется в высокой квалификации наших сотрудников, каждый из которых имеет соответствующий опыт работы в сфере, которую он ведет.
Высокого качества в нашей работе нам удается достичь благодаря обширному десятилетнему опыту подбора , пониманию нужд клиентов, а также взаимовыгодному продолжительному сотрудничеству со многими известными международными и российскими компаниями.

Если Вы не нашли вакансии, соответствующей Вашим интересам и квалификации, Вы можете прислать свое резюме через специальную форму-анкету, и при возникновении подходящей позиции наши консультанты немедленно с Вами свяжутся.

Категория "Товары народного потребления"

Код вакансии: 05.2894

Вакансия: Account Manager - Business Travel

Компания: Global Financial Services Company

Место работы: г. Москва

• Preferably 1+ years of work record with international company and proven experience in Account Management
• Negotiation and presentation skills
• Analytical skills
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to drive tasks to successful completion
• Fluent spoken and written English is a must
• Strong communication (both verbal and written) and organization skills
• Knowledge of business correspondence
• Ability to work under pressure
• Ability to prioritize tasks
• Team-player with the ability to influence others
• PC skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) at a user level is a must

• Achieve budgeted targets on sales and revenues with assigned customer portfolio
• Build-up and maintain client contacts at different levels to ensure long-term relations
• Build-up and maintain individual Client development plans with respect of the market segment and volume
• Promote and sell all business travel related services and products with focus to develop existing clients and increase profitability
• Prepare and conducts client business reviews (as per Client Development Plan)
• Identify additional business and consolidate it with American Express.
• Bear responsibility for customer profitability, ensure customers achieve required Return on Transaction – analyze monthly finance results, build up an action plan for each negative and low contributor, ensure re-pricing, conduct negotiations with the customers, when needed
• Collaborate with GBP/MN colleagues in negotiating the offers not meeting the required ROT
• Execute all company activities to maximize revenues
• Support account receivables activities on outstanding invoices and ensure timely data provision to invoicing team doe Customer billing
• Prepare reply to local RFPs and support regional and global tenders
• Prepare and conduct presentations on new services, products
• Participate in GBP/MN customers implementation
• Work with dissatisfied customers to ensure prompt and efficient resolution of the matter.
• Work in liaison with other departments, i.e Operations, Finance, Accounting, M&E, Supplier relations, IT, ICC etc in seeking solutions to questions/issues raised by the Customers
• Maintain BT agreements - ensure an up to date agreement in place with each customer, ensure changes are arranged duly and timely
• Conduct seminars to customers on AmEx procedures/processes and travel industry work-shops
• Work with travel suppliers on behalf of the Customers (3-party deals facilitation - travel spend analysis, saving opportunities, deals implementation and maintenance)
• Ensure MI provision to the customers – use global MI tools as well as local resources
• Maintain information in SFDC (global customer reporting database) and in Customer database
• Ensure timely provision of any new data / change of data on the customers to all relevant departments (Finance compliance, Accounting, Invoicing team, Operations etc.)
• Create and update account management related materials, maintain business correspondence.
• Participate in Customer event organization (Customer surveys, FAM trips, Client appreciation parties etc.)
• Gather competitive information to ensure American Express success in the market.
• Ability to examine an issue (positive or negative) and come up with a recommendation.
• Ability to recognize a problem and be proactive in solving it.

B. Miscellaneous Responsibilities
• Prepare selected information for annual budget and sales plan.
• Coordinate work with GBP/MN CGMs, when appropriate.
• Maintain a consistent positive customer service image when interacting with the clients.
• Ensure confidentiality of all work-related issues.
• At all times presents a favorable impression of the company.
• Performs other duties as assigned by management.
• Back up team members

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